Rothwoman stoneware


How do you judge promotion success?

When friends call to say they didn’t get a Sale Invitation!

For the first couple of years Holiday Sales took care of overstock and seconds. As years went by we grew better at producing mostly “firsts.” But craft production, if it’s to stay fresh and interesting to buyers, involves lots of experiments. Each kiln load is guaranteed to contain some unexpected joys and some heart breakers.

Rothwoman Stoneware was fired in Jerry’s sculpture kiln

until PLANTERS became HOT NEWS in Retail Giftware

So off I went in a new direction 

This photo was staged for one of our personal Holiday cards. Jerry got all dressed up. He donned a straw hat, wore a tie and cummerbund.  Vanessa was our first of three Great Danes. The two black cats were Kinky and Kinky’s Sister. So called because one had a kinky tail.