No goods worth selling = No income potential

Lack of appreciation (read purchasers) for my offerings, created the need for major rethinking. I spent the fall of 1971 frantically developing decorating skills, running thousands of glaze and clay body tests, and fabricating plates using a new white clay body. Under Jerry’s guidance and encouragement my skills improved and so did the goods. But production of seconds and oddments filled the shelves. Thank goodness for the tradition of Christmas Sales.

Clearing shelves. Preparing for next year’s production

Friends called me The Rothwoman. The name was useful

in distinguishing my endeavor from Jerry Rothman, Artist.


NO LEAD in center. Difficult to read.

Early on I made a few Adam and Eve plates. Jack Weedn and his wife Flavia bought one from me at a Los Angeles Street Fair. Years later, Jack came to my booth at the New York Gift Show. We both had a good laugh over that plate. “Still have it,” he said. And to this day, I still have mine. 

And the sale paid off

Faire Banner

Inspiration for imprint

Early efforts with hand made plates

and slip trailed decoration

on white bisque with clear over glaze.