rothwoman stoneware


Cranking out hanging planters

During this period of transition I used the Renaissance Faires to test market the hanging planters and sell off all inventory of plates. Making so many plates from slabs had become too labor intensive. The hanging planters were made from coils combined with slabs, pressed into a plaster mould, lined with cloth. The cloth was stapled to a plywood frame so each planter could be hung on a rack to dry.

Jerry spent much effort refining the method. Customer comments and what they bought influenced designs. Large bags above the booth held packing materials. Limiting breakage is key when shipping ceramics.

Customers vote with their pocket books

Giftware buyers always ask, “What do you have that’s new?”

Each season we introduced something new. This created reasons for buyers to stop at my booth to place orders. Manufacturer’s Representatives were asking to rep my line. I decided to expand to New York and Chicago Gift Shows with my own booth. After a week at each show, I took time to visit places of interest to me. Architecture, historic and contemporary usually topped the list. The first time I set up in New York at Javits Center my purse was stolen. I laid it under the back table without thinking. Booths are separated by cloth. Security personal retrieved the purse from a trash can. Fortunately my only loss was cash.

Jardinieres,  Hanging Bird Houses, Dish Planters

Rothwoman Stoneware offered a full line of hand built planters and accessories.

Time to hit what was then the biggest and grandest show for our industry

Atlantic City China and Glass Show

Here comes The Rothwoman

Gross sales climbed every year

Jerry originally designed the planters as open work baskets, using a slab at the bottom, then variations of interwoven coils above. These were visually attractive. But customers asked for closed baskets so a liner was not needed to keep plants and soil in place. Loyal buyers helped Rothwoman Stoneware launch another winner.